Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the Protrack Group?

The Protrack Group are a UK based company that has over 20 years’ experience in GPS tracking products. We specialise in Automotive tracking, Fleet Management and Personal automotive tracking solutions for both individual and commercial requirements.


What is meant by asset?

An asset is the automobile or asset that you are connecting the tracking device to.


Will my tracker work in an area with no phone network?

The simple answer to this is yes. Even if there is no network at the time that the tracking device sends the data, the tracker will keep trying to send until the network is received and then all the data is “back dated” so you do not lose any data.


Will it record my speeds?

Your tracker will report your assets speed via GPS


Are the trackers difficult to install?

NO – they are designed to be a self install. All you need to do is connect the tracker to a live and a earth cable on your bike. It is recommended to hide the device somewhere in the engine bay and try not to show the cables as obvious directly to the battery wherever possible. If you are uncertain please contact your nearest motor mechanic or dealer for help and advice.


Will it invalidate any warranty on my asset?

As long as you have installed the device correctly it should not invalidate any warranties. Further advice can be obtained from your local asset dealer.


What is the warranty of my device?

All our trackers carry a 12 month return to base warranty. In the unlikely event that your tracker is faulty, we will replace your device on a new for old basis providing that it has not been tampered with in any way other than installed correctly.


How do I set up my tracker?

Your device will have already been tested and may show at our head office in Gloucester prior to dispatching. You will simply need to install the device and login to your account.


Can I change my login details?

Once you have logged into the software using the user name, password and account name provided you will be able to create a new user name and password however the account name will always remain the same.


Can I have additional logins for my friends and family?

You can add as many usernames and passwords as you wish to your account. These are created by you.


How many devices can I have on a single account?

On personal tracking accounts, You can have up to 10 x devices on a single account.

Commercial accounts are set up differently please feel free to contact us for further information.

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